Monday, November 28, 2011

Worth the Weight

Having a scale in your house is a bad idea, you know that right?  I don't have one, but my parents do.  On Thanksgiving day I found myself looking at it, wondering my number.  I knew I shouldn't check, but the scale was staring at me daring me to step on.  So I did.  I love dares!  It was higher than I expected.  Not by much - but I was seriously disappointed.  I let it go and tried to not think about it while I stuffed the crap out of my face at dinner.

After I ate I found myself in that same bathroom (imagine that) again wondering my number.  It couldn't have been right earlier that day.  I got on again, why I don't know.  I was almost two pounds heavier!  What the frick frack is that?!  Did I seriously eat two POUNDS of food at dinner?  I got off, cleared the number and got on again.  It was the same.  Shocking I know.

This body is the new me and I need to accept it.  It doesn't work like it did before I had Andrey.  My old clothes still fit, yes, but not the same.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining nor do I think I'm "fat".  I'm not and I know that.  I just need to be more and more aware of what I'm eating (and I need to work on my posture, but that's a different story).  I'm storing my cookies differently now.

Alas, Thanksgiving was a reminder to me that I'm different now because of my daughter.  She's actually changed my physical appearance!  And my heart too.  All the changes are worth the reward.  I am so thankful for her!

It was her first Thanksgiving and it was awesome.

The night before I was feeling Kindergarten crafty (and asylum crazy) and made us all some hats.

"Act like a turkey in this one."

Thanksgiving was busy!  She was able to spend it with both sets of grandparents, and her great-grandparents (paternal's paternal).   My girl was a champ all day, skipped her afternoon nap and stole the show.

T-Day, before heading to my parent's house.
Mommy Pummel, Grandma Pummel and Great-Grandma Pummel

Daddy Pummel, Grandpa Pummel and Great-Grandpa Pummel
At the end of the day I was thinking about my scale experience, and feeling a little sorry for myself.   I wondered if I'd ever had the body I had before Andrey.  And the answer is maybe.  Let's be honest, I might get that back...but if I don't, it's okay.  I'll take the extra weight, distributed oddly, and deal with it.  That little girl is worth the weird belly button (seriously, what happened to my belly button?) and the squishy parts.  I am so thankful for her and the changes she's caused in my belly, and my heart.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We spent an extended weekend in Clearwater, Florida last weekend.

We took our girl to the beach for the first time.  She ate sand.  It's hard to get sand out of a baby's mouth.  She was not afraid of the texture, which didn't suprise me.  I hear about a lot of kids who won't touch grass or sand, kids who are afraid of loud music or the wind.  That kid, is not my kid.  

She loved it!  The beach, the sand, the cold water on her feet (and then buns).

She dug her little toes in, and watched as the water came closer and closer.

 And my mom joined her.  Wet buns and all.

It was a family affair after all.


I learned that I can't say no to my mom's persistence.  We got all the way in the cold water, in our clothes.  What a stupid idea.  When I was soaked up to my waist, I ran my only bra back to Nate for dry-keeping.  That's why I'm covering the mole hills below.

When we got out of the water we found my dad burying Andrey in the sand.  She didn't mind one bit!

Later that night we had a family shindig.  Here are two of my cousins' kids.  One cousin has four kids, the other has three and one on the way.  Andrey watched the wrestling and screaming intently.  Maybe it's because she's used to seeing me and Nate wrestle...and we're bigger than those kids.

Little A met my grandparents Bud and LaVaughn.  They're old and completely wonderful!

On Sunday we went to g-ma and g-pa's house for lunch and Andrey learned how to play the Auto Harp.  What's that you ask?  I have no clue.  But the old folks love it!

Nate gave the A-Harp a try.  He was a natural.

It was so nice to see my family.  It had been eight years since I was last out there.  That's far too long.  I hope to get out there again.  This time, maybe I'll only wait four years.  And when we go back we will have a wild little girl, running into the sand.  She'll have no memory of her first trip to the beach, or meeting her extended family.  But we will.  And we will cherish it forever.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tea for Ten, Ten for Tea

Eight of my twelve high school girls came over for tea, plus me and my co-leader makes ten.  When was the last time you had eight 15 year old girls in your house?  It's madness!  And so much fun too.

We all wore dresses and hats.  Classical music graced the house.  We had fine teas and baked goods,  cucumber sandwiches and scones.  British (and a somehow a little Russain) accents were used.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  

I loved the variety of hats!  See the firefighters hat, sombrero and cowboy hats?

Lift your pinky!

It was so much fun to act like a teenager with these girls.  They bring out a side of me that I never want to lose.  They make me better and challenge me in a way only they can.  Thanks for the cup o' tea girls!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

She's So Dedicated

Following Jesus is a choice.  We can not give our child salvation, she must come to it on her own.  We can't force her to believe anything.  All we can do is show her what we believe and why.  We can lead by example.  We can tell her she doesn't have to "do" anything - just believe and live for God.

It's really simple...and really hard too.

We had Andrey dedicated a few weeks ago.  This means we are dedicated to raising her in a home that loves God, and acts like it.  We are dedicated to teaching her what we know, and praying she will make the choice to follow.

It was a wonderful day marked by emotion and laughter.  The children's pastor at our church asked us these questions:

1. Do you recognize your child as a gift from God and thank him for this blessing?

2. Do you now dedicate your children to the Lord, surrendering all claims upon their lives?

3. Do you promise to provide, for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your children committing to serve them as God’s stewards?

4. Do you pledge as parents that you will teach your children about God, teaching them the Bible and modeling to them the a life lived in the ways of Jesus?

5. Do you promise to show your child what it means to celebrate with passion, generosity, and creativity in teaching them that every good gift is from above from our Father in Heaven?

6. Do you promise to model for your child a life defined by authentic relationships that reflects your relationship with God. Displaying the need for all people, created in the image of God, the need to live connected to a faith community?

7. Do you promise to show your child what it means to both perform and proclaim the hope-filled gospel of Jesus by caring for the poor, comforting those who mourn, proclaiming freedom for the oppressed, fighting against injustice, and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in our city and the world?

8. Do you promise to pray that your child will one day choose to follow Jesus, and that he or she will grow to love him passionately and make his kingdom a deeper reality on this earth?

We answered "we do" to each of them.  Andrey pulled my hair, clapped and talked through it all.  My dad prayed over us and our friends and family were there for support.  

When we got in the car to leave Nate and I talked about how important this dedication was.  It's a simple start to a lifetime of being dedicated to our daughter.  It matters what how we raise her, and we won't be taking the responsibility lightly.

She was pooped after all the excitement!