Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Love...

 those eyes

that smile
 those thighs
 this finger
 that drool
 the cheeks
 this girl.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Eight Down, A Thousand to Go?

You know how annoying it is when people say cliche things like "enjoy every moment, they grow so fast".  And you're thinking "wow, you're the first person to tell me that".  But really, I'm enjoying every moment.  And dang does this kid grow fast.  She's eight months old.

I love being home with her more than I love trashy reality TV and a mixing bowl portion size of ice cream.  I really know her and I love that.  She is getting a big personality now and it's freakin' awesome to watch.  She is goofy and inquisitive.  It's so easy to make her smile.  She "talks" almost as much as I do.  

She touches and grabs everything.  My hair often has a spit-up scent in it, and there's usually a bit of Desitin residue under my finger nail.  I use Shout and Resolve Carpet Cleanser weekly.  My washing machine is like a second pet.  (i.e. she's messy)

She peed on the blanket during this photo shoot.

She is beautiful.

 Her smile completely melts her daddy's heart.  He holds her so tight and begs her to rest her head on his shoulder (which she usually doesn't do, she's too busy looking around).

I didn't know something so small could make me feel so important.  I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much love.  But what I do know is you've changed me, and I'll never be the same.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CP & JB - BFF's - WA

My mom is so confused by the title of this post.

Let me clarify ma.  We went to see Crystal (CP) and Jonathan (JB) our very dear friends (BFF's) in Washington this weekend.  They lived in Colorado for several years, forced me and Nate to love them a lot, and then left for another state.  Lame I know.

They have two little whipper snappers.  Camden (almost 3) and Parker (7 months).  They are fantastic parents to two fantastic kids.  We only had a short weekend to spend with them, but it was wonderful.  We laughed and cried (in a Starbucks, ha!) and got the goosebumps together (ok, just me and CP cried and got goosebumps).

I was very nervous about flying with Andrey, but she did great!

About to take off on my first flight!

Walking through Sea-Tac airport.

I see you!

The playing began immediately after we arrived.  It was a hoot!

Parker in his jumper.  He is so sweet and content.

Happy little boy!

Time for some baseball.  He had to go put his Dodgers shirt on before he could play.

I channeled my inner softball chick and pitched a few rounds.

Camden playing peek-a-boo with Andrey.

She was mesmerized by him.  He's great entertainment.

At the market in Seattle.  Gorgeous and cheap flowers!

Look at the price! 

We watched the fishy guys throw the fish.

Family shot.

Bentley family.

This place was filled with colorful fruits and veggies.

The street music was pretty darn good.

I just want to kiss this one.  So delicate looking.

Camden helped Nate push the stroller.  He was so cute!

See the stadium?

I got to see the space needle.  Thanks for the detour JB.

"Wanna see how fast my shoes are?"

Hugging Uncle Nate goodbye.


Our fellas.

Back home at DIA.
We had a fabulous trip seeing some of our favorite people.  Thanks for everything guys.  Where to next?