Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When the Light is Right

The sun floods into Andrey's room in the late afternoon.  It's perfect for pictures.  Need I say more?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby and Chihuahua

If you know me, you know how much I love my dog Bella (aka Tina, aka Frisky).  She was a gift from Nate for my 21st birthday.  I frequently refer to her as "such a gift" in an annoying doggie voice that I save for those who won't disown me upon hearing it.  I know my true friends by their effort with her.  She can be won over!  If you don't like my dog, chances are...I don't like you.  It's that simple.

We were worried about introducing Bella to our new baby before she was even a spark in our eyes.  Once I became pregnant, we really started to worry.  You see, Bella had been a spoiled only child for almost 7 years before Andrey came.  She sleeps in bed with us, comes with us everywhere and is generally doted upon.  

She watched each prego photo shoot - and wanted to lick the fruit.

More than Bella being spoiled, she's got some big time sass in her pants.  She's not nice if she doesn't know you, especially if you are a child.  Children are kryptonite to her.  too MANY people asked if we were nervous about bringing home a baby to Bella, and we were.  We were confident she wouldn't hurt the baby (and we were right), but were nervous she would want nothing to do with her.

Watching Nate put the crib together.

When Andrey slept all day, Bella liked her.  She would cuddle next to us as we held her, without any problem.  

I'll be fighting off the modeling agencies with this picture.

And as Andrey started to make more noise and movement, Bella realized this little thing was ALIVE!  She started to be more cautious, distant and aware.  But Bella was still curious.  She always wanted to have a look.

She begged for attention, not understanding what all the buzz was over this little bundle of cries.  She started to be abnormally friendly to anyone who came for a visit (people were shocked!).  The poor dog was desperate for the spotlight again.  

She would not get out of the way for a picture.

Now, Bella is learning to deal with her new "sister".  I think she understands this little baby isn't going anywhere, and sadly, her place as #1 is gone.  When I'm holding Andrey and say "look at the doggie" Bella runs!  Little A has grabbed a few too many fist-fulls of dog hair for her to stick around.

Andrey loves to stare and smile at her dog.

I've forced Bella to sit next to Andrey several times, and she will usually stay for about .2 seconds before she's running for her life.

I hope as Andrey grows, so will Bella's acceptance of her.  I hope they will be friends someday, and that Bella will choose to sit with Little A.  I hope they will play together.  I can hope, right?

Even though you are not my baby anymore, I still love you Bella.  You are such a gift! :)  And I'll let you sleep in bed with us until the end, my little snuggle buddy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seven Month Old Girl

Andrey Grace is seven months already.  Before I know it she will be one.  I'm already gathering ideas for her birthday party.  It's been a wonderful seven months, full of love, poop, spit-up, cuddling, and more.

Andrey is pretty laid back.  She usually goes with the flow.  I feel like she is patient (which she did not get from me).  I had her sitting in this bucket for 20 minutes before she started to fuss.

She has a ridiculous amount of nicknames.  Here are a few:
Nuggs (Nuggies, Nugget, P Nug)
Little A
Cooper (I have no idea where this came from, but it's the one I use most)
Coop, Coop-Ma-Goop
Sweet P. (not pea)

Nate mentioned the other night we should probably start calling her Andrey.  Otherwise, she's going to be quite confused.

She is a bit behind on her milestones, but we were told to expect that with her being a preemie.  She smiles like crazy, laughs, blows spit bubbles, smacks her lips and screams a lot.

She pulls wads of my hair out, wants to stand all the time, kicks and kicks, soaks her clothes in drool, eats like a champ, bounces in her jumper with unmatched glee and lights up when she sees her doggie.

She grabs anything in her sight, including the attention of people in public.  I can't go out without someone commenting on her.  Usually it's something like "look at those cheeks, she must be well fed".  To which I want to reply, "look at your butt, you must be well fed".  But instead I choose to say "yep, she's eating Crisco out of the can".  

I'm truly taken with this little girl.  God has shown me the unconditional love of a mother.  I find that because of her I want to be a better person, friend, daughter and wife.  Her life is a gift.  I can't believe all we went through to get her here, but I would go through it all over again to have her.  

Mommy loves you little one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Crazy bird had her babies!  My mom warned me not to get too close.  They might jump.  I'd jump too if I saw me and my make-up free face, greasy hair and wedgie coming.  That's terrifying!

I took these pictures from inside my house.  Therefore they are not as fantastic as they could be.  And you will see, like I mentioned before, my plant is just about dead.  Had it remained alive it would have provided more protection, but alas these babies are enough exposed for a photo shoot.

I took these over the course of about thirty minutes.  I was worried about the absence of crazy mamma.  She must have had a hard time finding a worm to swallow and vomit back up.  If she wouldn't have returned, I would have done it for her. 

I'll do anything for my family...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Quadruplets

The other day I discovered our family was about to expand.  I went out to water my hanging plant when a stark crazy bird went flying out of it, right past my face.  After I composed myself (it scared the CRAP out of me) I watered my plant.  Fast forward to the next day.  Same thing happens, including me being totally freaked out.  Fool me once... shame on you!  Fool me twice, I'm an idiot.

Terrifying large bird!

I tell Nate when he gets home about the bird who is messin' with my head.  Nate channels his inner bird whisper, takes down the plant and BAM!  Quadruplets!

I feel bad I've scared momma crazy bird so many times.  Every time I go out my front door she flies away.  I've stopped watering my plant and it is just about dead.  I don't think the eggs know how to swim.  I'd like to throw momma a birdy shower, but she won't stick around for me to ask what she needs.  I guess she's planning on borrowing from friends.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Down on the Farm

I love living in Colorado.  It is such a beautiful state.  On Saturday we went out to the boonies to celebrate our friend Aaron's birthday.  Aaron and his wife April moved out of Denver to Pueblo a while back so we rarely get to see them.  It was a special treat to get together with them and lots of other friends.  It only down-poured half the time.

Andrey always wants a sip of our water.

Using Phil's truck to load up the baby.  Thanks Phil!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

July 1 - Hanging outside.  Drooling.

July 3 - Naked.  Screaming like a...girl.

July 4 - Getting ready to go to midday festivities. 

July 4 - Heading out to a BBQ.

We're so excited!

Grateful to live in the United States of America!