Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Quadruplets

The other day I discovered our family was about to expand.  I went out to water my hanging plant when a stark crazy bird went flying out of it, right past my face.  After I composed myself (it scared the CRAP out of me) I watered my plant.  Fast forward to the next day.  Same thing happens, including me being totally freaked out.  Fool me once... shame on you!  Fool me twice, I'm an idiot.

Terrifying large bird!

I tell Nate when he gets home about the bird who is messin' with my head.  Nate channels his inner bird whisper, takes down the plant and BAM!  Quadruplets!

I feel bad I've scared momma crazy bird so many times.  Every time I go out my front door she flies away.  I've stopped watering my plant and it is just about dead.  I don't think the eggs know how to swim.  I'd like to throw momma a birdy shower, but she won't stick around for me to ask what she needs.  I guess she's planning on borrowing from friends.


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  1. Look at those beautiful eggs! They almost look fake they are so pretty! This is going to be egg-citing!