Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby and Chihuahua

If you know me, you know how much I love my dog Bella (aka Tina, aka Frisky).  She was a gift from Nate for my 21st birthday.  I frequently refer to her as "such a gift" in an annoying doggie voice that I save for those who won't disown me upon hearing it.  I know my true friends by their effort with her.  She can be won over!  If you don't like my dog, chances are...I don't like you.  It's that simple.

We were worried about introducing Bella to our new baby before she was even a spark in our eyes.  Once I became pregnant, we really started to worry.  You see, Bella had been a spoiled only child for almost 7 years before Andrey came.  She sleeps in bed with us, comes with us everywhere and is generally doted upon.  

She watched each prego photo shoot - and wanted to lick the fruit.

More than Bella being spoiled, she's got some big time sass in her pants.  She's not nice if she doesn't know you, especially if you are a child.  Children are kryptonite to her.  too MANY people asked if we were nervous about bringing home a baby to Bella, and we were.  We were confident she wouldn't hurt the baby (and we were right), but were nervous she would want nothing to do with her.

Watching Nate put the crib together.

When Andrey slept all day, Bella liked her.  She would cuddle next to us as we held her, without any problem.  

I'll be fighting off the modeling agencies with this picture.

And as Andrey started to make more noise and movement, Bella realized this little thing was ALIVE!  She started to be more cautious, distant and aware.  But Bella was still curious.  She always wanted to have a look.

She begged for attention, not understanding what all the buzz was over this little bundle of cries.  She started to be abnormally friendly to anyone who came for a visit (people were shocked!).  The poor dog was desperate for the spotlight again.  

She would not get out of the way for a picture.

Now, Bella is learning to deal with her new "sister".  I think she understands this little baby isn't going anywhere, and sadly, her place as #1 is gone.  When I'm holding Andrey and say "look at the doggie" Bella runs!  Little A has grabbed a few too many fist-fulls of dog hair for her to stick around.

Andrey loves to stare and smile at her dog.

I've forced Bella to sit next to Andrey several times, and she will usually stay for about .2 seconds before she's running for her life.

I hope as Andrey grows, so will Bella's acceptance of her.  I hope they will be friends someday, and that Bella will choose to sit with Little A.  I hope they will play together.  I can hope, right?

Even though you are not my baby anymore, I still love you Bella.  You are such a gift! :)  And I'll let you sleep in bed with us until the end, my little snuggle buddy.

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