Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Shower!

You know it's getting close to B-Day when you have a baby shower.  I loved my shower.  So many people, so much support, so much attention!  My kind of day!

My delicious and adorable cake.  Ignore the fact that Andrey's name was wrong.  They wrote Audrey instead.  It didn't change the fact that the cake tasted great!

My faboo hostess, Keely.  See how we looked at each other with such adoration!

My friend Megan flew into town from Texas!  It was wonderful to see her, and incredibly sweet of her to come!  She's due in March.

It was a wonderful day filled with some of my favorite people!  I'd have many more pictures had my camera battery not died.  Terrible timing!

Thank you all for coming and for the wonderful gifts.  I felt so loved and blessed to have you there.  Andrey has so many people in her corner already. Have a fatty and safe Thanksgiving! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Can't See My Toes!

I didn't realize how big I was until we took some pictures last night.  I think Nate had to take about 15, before I felt satisfied.  I changed shirts several times. 

A few from week 29, butternut squash.

Nate is all about me having bare belly pictures.  So these are always taken for him.

When he takes to long to push the button, this is what the picture looks like.  

My "normal" picture.  Always important. 

I've been feeling like I'm completely unprepared for a baby.  I know you are thinking "you'll never be prepared".  I'm aware that I won't be fully prepared...but I'm really not ready for Andrey to come home.  I have nothing I need (can't wait for baby showers!) and am way behind on my reading.  When I think about her coming home, I feel a little panicked.  Am I ready for this?  Shouldn't I have to take a test or something?   We are under the impression that I will be induced a few weeks early, so that the specialist can be there for her delivery.  I'm almost 30 weeks, and that means I'll probably be having a baby in 8 weeks.  I've never been more excited and terrified for something! 

Please continue to pray for Andrey.  We met with the surgeon on Monday and he said that if the cyst stays the same (size and location) it's good.  He will have a much easier time removing it, and there is less chance for damage.  Obviously, we want it to go away completely.  But if that doesn't happen, please pray it remains on the back of her neck, and doesn't grow!  As always, we appreciate your prayers for our girl.  She is so loved, and blessed already!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doctors Galore!

In the past few weeks I have seen a lot of doctors.  So many that I've been thinking a lot about their personalities, advice, ability to really listen and more.  Let's review:

Dr. L.B. - OBGYN - Female.  I love her.  She hears me, and is concerned about my well being as well as Andrey's.  She refers to herself by first and last name, not Dr. _____.  I think she's a real person.  We see her at every regular OB check up. 

Dr. A.A. Perinatologist - Female.  I REALLY love her.  I think she is smart, kind and funny.  She takes time with me.  I've called her in panic mode twice and she always calls right back.  She is calm and informative, while not overwhelming.  She will be delivering little Andrey come January.  We couldn't be in better hands.  She also refers to herself by first and last name. 

Dr. T.L. ER Doctor - Male.  This guy was old, and kind.  I'm not sure he really heard anything I said to him.  I waited about 6 hours for him to come see me, and was dismissed fairly quickly.  Not a bad guy, just not what I needed.

Dr. K.B. Neurologist - Female.  This lady was C.O.L.D. when I first met her.  I was so nervous after about 10 minutes with her.  I felt like she wanted me to remember EVERY detail of every headache I'd had since birth.  And when I couldn't, she was irritated.  She did warm up to me, but it was slow.  She refers to herself as Dr. ______.  No first name here!

Dr. J. A. Family Practice - Male.  Great personality!  This guy made me laugh and feel comfortable talking to him.  The downside to this was it did make me question whether he was hearing me.  But I never felt like he was inconvenienced by seeing me, and I was there on a Friday close to 4:00. 

Dr. S. R. Pediatric Surgeon - Male.  This guy is the cream of the crop.  People come from all over the country to have him preform surgery on their kids.  We are honored and blessed he lives in our state!  He was honest, detailed and talked to us like adults.  That's nice because we look like we're 10.  I asked him about 367 questions, and he patiently answered them all.  If your baby needs surgery, he's the guy!

Dr. L. J. Opthamologist - Female.  Really nice, took a lot of time to help me.  My eyes have been really messed up, and she made sure to listen to everything I said.  She tried several lenses on me, and wanted me to see as best as I could.  She actually explained why I see the way I see.  Really great doctor!

After all these visits, I think I like doctors more than I realized.  I think they sometimes have NO idea what to say, but that's okay.  All in all, it's really quite wonderful to live in a country where we have specialists in every field at our fingertips.