Friday, November 12, 2010

I Can't See My Toes!

I didn't realize how big I was until we took some pictures last night.  I think Nate had to take about 15, before I felt satisfied.  I changed shirts several times. 

A few from week 29, butternut squash.

Nate is all about me having bare belly pictures.  So these are always taken for him.

When he takes to long to push the button, this is what the picture looks like.  

My "normal" picture.  Always important. 

I've been feeling like I'm completely unprepared for a baby.  I know you are thinking "you'll never be prepared".  I'm aware that I won't be fully prepared...but I'm really not ready for Andrey to come home.  I have nothing I need (can't wait for baby showers!) and am way behind on my reading.  When I think about her coming home, I feel a little panicked.  Am I ready for this?  Shouldn't I have to take a test or something?   We are under the impression that I will be induced a few weeks early, so that the specialist can be there for her delivery.  I'm almost 30 weeks, and that means I'll probably be having a baby in 8 weeks.  I've never been more excited and terrified for something! 

Please continue to pray for Andrey.  We met with the surgeon on Monday and he said that if the cyst stays the same (size and location) it's good.  He will have a much easier time removing it, and there is less chance for damage.  Obviously, we want it to go away completely.  But if that doesn't happen, please pray it remains on the back of her neck, and doesn't grow!  As always, we appreciate your prayers for our girl.  She is so loved, and blessed already!


  1. I am so glad you are back to blogging! I think it is awesome! You look HUGE and beautiful! WAY TO GROW PUMM!!!

  2. Lis, I read a lot of books...and quickly forgot EVERYthing when I gave birth. That's why each book has an index. How do I wipe properly? Look up: Wipe. How do I burp the baby? Look up: Burping. So, darlin, quit stressing but DO get excited for your shower - yay!!! Love ya. -Katie B

  3. Lisa, I think about you, Nate and Andrey often! It was nice catching up with Nate, and hopefully I'll have the chance to see you all soon. By the way, you've inspired me to start blogging...except I only have a new husband to write about so it will not take long before the blogs become very boring ;) Take care! Shelle