Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Shower!

You know it's getting close to B-Day when you have a baby shower.  I loved my shower.  So many people, so much support, so much attention!  My kind of day!

My delicious and adorable cake.  Ignore the fact that Andrey's name was wrong.  They wrote Audrey instead.  It didn't change the fact that the cake tasted great!

My faboo hostess, Keely.  See how we looked at each other with such adoration!

My friend Megan flew into town from Texas!  It was wonderful to see her, and incredibly sweet of her to come!  She's due in March.

It was a wonderful day filled with some of my favorite people!  I'd have many more pictures had my camera battery not died.  Terrible timing!

Thank you all for coming and for the wonderful gifts.  I felt so loved and blessed to have you there.  Andrey has so many people in her corner already. Have a fatty and safe Thanksgiving! :)

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