Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome Emily Lynn!

My bro-hoss (brother, aka: J-Lo, Jas, J) and his wifey had their third baby, a little lady, on January 20th.  She is delicious perfection.  Andrey and I went to visit her when she was only hours old.   I undressed her from her swaddle and checked out her fingers and toes.  She's just beautiful!  I love newborn babes.  They smell so good.  And they sleep...a lot.  I like that part too.

We decided to get a few pics of Andrey meeting her cousin.  Andrey hasn't seen many babies this small.  And she's never been this close.  Maybe this isn't the best idea.

She checked her out, and then attempted to poke her in the eye.  Poor little Emily, only hours old, has already had to defend her peepers against a giant baby.

My bro was kind enough to watch my kid while I held his new one.  It was so cute for him to spend some time with his only niece.

I'm so excited to have another little girl, the third little girl, in our family.  She'll just have to put her safety glasses on next time she see's her cousin.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Maternity Shoot!

For two of my friends, a great adventure is about to begin.  One that will change their lives.  They actually allowed me (seriously, me?) to take some pictures of them in anticipation of their little girl.  It was so fun!  We froze our buns and bumps off outside, but it was worth it.  Thanks guys!

(be prepared for a million pictures...)

If you know anyone who wants some pictures taken, I'll do it for free!  Well...I'll do it for a Starbucks.  Spread the word ya'll!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Said "I'll Never" - And I Lied

There have been many things I said I would never do as a parent.  Some of which are small, sometimes even trivial things.  I'm still sticking to many of them.  And I hope that I will continue to do so.  Especially on the more important things.  For example, it's very important to me to keep Andrey away from the TV.  In fact, we don't allow it on while she is awake (unless Nate is watching football...which means I take Andrey into another room).  I know as she gets older I might allow her to watch a short program.  But TV is a big no-no here.  Lots of parents I know let their kids sit in front of it all day and it makes me CRAZY!

I also said I would never let my little one play with my cell phone.  I've thought it was a bad idea from the get-go.  And then one day it just happened.  I slipped and left it within her reach.

I took it away immediately - and she cried.

 Crying because you don't get your way doesn't work for me.  So she didn't get it back.  But then, a few days later it happened again.  And I let her play with it for a few minutes.  She loved it!  So now, if I find I'm desperate to keep her still for a minute, I'll give her my phone.

I'm so ashamed.

I said I'd never leave my kid in her PJ's all day.  This is another thing that makes me crazy.  Get your kid dressed!  Ugh.

 But we had this crazy snow storm.  And she was so comfy...

It seemed wrong of me to take her out of those warm fleece PJ's.  It only happened once.  I swear.

And she was glad to be in them all day long.  Wouldn't you be glad to wear them too?

I'm breaking my own rules.

It feels so wrong.

Consider this my confession.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My DIY First Birthday Party

I'm not a big fan of "store" made birthday parties.  The kind where you get Micky Mouse plates, napkins, cups, balloons, etc.  Those birthday parties are fine, just not my style.  I'm sure when Andrey is a little older, she'll ask me for one.  She'll want a Barbie themed party, or a Dora party.  I'll comply.  But she has no say right now!  Sucka.

The first thing I made was her "Happy Birthday Andrey" banner.  

Then I hung up her monthly pictures with the calendar I've been taking.  You know I had to work this in!

I made little cupcake sticks with a 1 in the center (and didn't take any purposeful pictures of them).  Those suckers rocked my Betty Crocker cupcakes.  They made them taste better.  And her little outfit.  Ahhhh...I love that outfit.  That tutu nearly made my fragile, spoiled fingers bleed.  It was a lot of cutting and pulling and cussing.  The shirt is just an iron on number and the headband was from Hobby to the Lobby with a Claire's flower attached.

She smashed her face into the laundry basket the morning of the party - see the red cheek?!
A few paper balloons (also Hobby Lobby) hung from the light.  

Finally, as a parting "thank you" I made some Reindeer Munch.  That stuff is g double o d good.  I made a million paper cones and stuffed the munch inside.  Then I realized I had no place to put them.  Out came an old shoe box.  This little project just kept going.  I added and added until it was a bit embarrassing.  Oh well, it served it's purpose.

There are a few things missing like her chalkboard sign out front.  I was so busy that day I forgot to take all my pictures.  I know, you're totally disappointed.  All three of you who read this.

I loved her birthday party.  I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work in my Christmas decorated house, but it was great.  Thanks to all for coming and celebrating our little girl!