Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome Emily Lynn!

My bro-hoss (brother, aka: J-Lo, Jas, J) and his wifey had their third baby, a little lady, on January 20th.  She is delicious perfection.  Andrey and I went to visit her when she was only hours old.   I undressed her from her swaddle and checked out her fingers and toes.  She's just beautiful!  I love newborn babes.  They smell so good.  And they sleep...a lot.  I like that part too.

We decided to get a few pics of Andrey meeting her cousin.  Andrey hasn't seen many babies this small.  And she's never been this close.  Maybe this isn't the best idea.

She checked her out, and then attempted to poke her in the eye.  Poor little Emily, only hours old, has already had to defend her peepers against a giant baby.

My bro was kind enough to watch my kid while I held his new one.  It was so cute for him to spend some time with his only niece.

I'm so excited to have another little girl, the third little girl, in our family.  She'll just have to put her safety glasses on next time she see's her cousin.

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