Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Will You Be?

What will you be like when you get older?

Will you be funny?  I hope so.

Will you be kind?  I'll do my best to teach you.

Will you be shy?  Doubt it.

Will you believe?  I'm praying you do.

Will you be smart?  Already are, and working towards this daily.

Will you behave?  Most likely, cause momma and daddy don't take crap.

Will you be you?  I love you just the way you are.

You're developing and changing so rapidly.  I want you to slow down, but find myself so excited for what's next.

You're incredible and desperately loved.  Every day I know you more - and find myself enamored by you.  Who you become, who you are, is just the way I like you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Details and Small Parts

I'm obsessed with this child.  I love every inch of her.  I love her quirks and all the goofy things she does.  

I love when she reads to herself.  She points to everything and grunts.

 She spreads out to get comfortable and always curls her adorable toes.

She can spend a lot of time on one page, studying every detail.

Did I mention I love her toes?

She will find a toy and learn everything about it...

....studying the small parts. 

 And then she's over it, and moves on.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latte and Cheerios


It goes like this:

Wake up to the sound of Andrey in the monitor - babbling about her anger towards hunters (I can only assume).

Change diaper and head downstairs.

Feed her oatmeal, yogurt and 1/2 a banana.

Make myself a latte.  Soy milk, hazelnut syrup, milk steamed to 170 degrees.  I'm so excited!!

Pour myself a bowl of Cheerios.  Honey Nut.

Abandon said latte and Cheerios to chase after small child.

Return after about 20 minutes to find my latte is cold and my Cheerios are soggy.

It's annoying to spend so much time and effort on something and then not enjoy it.  I'm referring to my latte here, Cheerios are effort free.  I have to microwave it 5 times before I finish it.  It's not as tasty that way.  And I don't eat soggy cereal.  In fact, I drain all the milk out of each bite.  I like it almost dry.

Anyway, the other day I was prepared for this morning madness.  I knew I'd be running around playing with my wee lass - and I was okay with that.

But she surprised me.  I sat in my chair and she played on my legs.  For probably 20 minutes.

I drank my latte and ate my crunchy Cheerios.  I looked at my African Violet plant and marveled over the beauty in the simplicity.  I don't need much, just a moment every now and then.

Sometimes we put so much effort in and don't get to sit back and enjoy the simple things.  It wears on my soul and makes me crabby.  I just want to sit here and enjoy my latte!  And sometimes, listening to the sound of shaking plastic keys, I can.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Projects are Sanity

I'm seriously always in the middle of a project.  It's like a hot cup of coffee for me to be working on a project.  Necessary for survival and sanity.  Here are a few of my updates on things I've done around the house.  Note: I didn't edit these pictures, so some may be dark and ugly.

My paint stick mirror.  Turned out just like I wanted!

Oh yeah, and we painted this wall dark blue .

Copied from someone on Pinterest - land of ideas.

I'm currently working on this ball chandelier.  It will hold a light and hang over my kitchen table.

Coffee filter light fail.  I spent 8 hours making it to perfection...and then it started to fall apart.

Turns out putting hot glue on a light fixture that...gets hot (duh)... is a bad idea.

And that's that.  Thank goodness for a husband who understands my need for crafty time!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Father of the Bride

I recall being a little girl, planning my wedding.  I'd use my mom's curtains as my veil and saunter around as far as they'd let me.  I remember hoping I'd be married by the time I was 25 (I ended up married at 21!).  It's a peculiar thing that little girls often do this.  We wonder who we will marry, and what he'll be like.  We think about our dress and our wedding day.  We dream about the man who will one day be our husband.

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about, but I'm wondering who Andrey will marry.  I find myself praying for this man who will love my daughter - hopefully as much as her daddy loves me.  I'm desperate for her future to be a good one.  There is a little boy out there right now (unless she goes cougar on me and marries a younger man) who is being shaped into a man.  What is he like?  What are his parents teaching him?  Will she know how to pick a good one?

As Andrey grows, she will learn more and more about her dad and his character.  She will learn how compassionate and loving he is.  How he loves the Lord and prays over his family, every day.  That he respects women and treats them as his equal.  That he listens well, is slow to speak and can make you pee your pants from laughing.  Her dad spends quality time with her and isn't afraid of dress-up or tea parties. He highly regards education, and is a fantastic teacher.  A poopy diaper doesn't offend him nor does a little drool in his mouth.  He helps around the house, makes dinner and knows how to clean the toilet.  He is her mothers partner in life, best friend and dream come true. 

As she learns these things about her daddy, I hope she starts to pray for her husband too.  I hope she sees what a real man is like, and how valuable it is to find one.

I pray she finds a husband just like her daddy.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Round Two

Just a few more pictures form the cell phone.  And then I'm done.  Promise!

Can't believe how quickly she outgrew this car seat!

Proof that I don't wear make-up.  Gives me the heebie-jeebies...

First wedding.


The one and only time she wore overalls.  There's a reason these are out of style.


Halloween hippie.   Peace dude.

Playing with Merrick and Parker.

One of many dates with Jordan and Cora.  Both want the Cheerios. 

Florida sunset.

Meeting my favorite Pug!

Church with daddy.  I don't know why I took a picture during church...

Wearing my beanie.  She's so sweet!

I want out of this room!!!

Yeah, we're at Starbucks again.


In our "new" chair.  Thanks Audrey!

Destroying a Parents Magazine.  Apparently she disagreed with something.

So fresh and so clean.


A super blurry V-day smooch!