Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latte and Cheerios


It goes like this:

Wake up to the sound of Andrey in the monitor - babbling about her anger towards hunters (I can only assume).

Change diaper and head downstairs.

Feed her oatmeal, yogurt and 1/2 a banana.

Make myself a latte.  Soy milk, hazelnut syrup, milk steamed to 170 degrees.  I'm so excited!!

Pour myself a bowl of Cheerios.  Honey Nut.

Abandon said latte and Cheerios to chase after small child.

Return after about 20 minutes to find my latte is cold and my Cheerios are soggy.

It's annoying to spend so much time and effort on something and then not enjoy it.  I'm referring to my latte here, Cheerios are effort free.  I have to microwave it 5 times before I finish it.  It's not as tasty that way.  And I don't eat soggy cereal.  In fact, I drain all the milk out of each bite.  I like it almost dry.

Anyway, the other day I was prepared for this morning madness.  I knew I'd be running around playing with my wee lass - and I was okay with that.

But she surprised me.  I sat in my chair and she played on my legs.  For probably 20 minutes.

I drank my latte and ate my crunchy Cheerios.  I looked at my African Violet plant and marveled over the beauty in the simplicity.  I don't need much, just a moment every now and then.

Sometimes we put so much effort in and don't get to sit back and enjoy the simple things.  It wears on my soul and makes me crabby.  I just want to sit here and enjoy my latte!  And sometimes, listening to the sound of shaking plastic keys, I can.

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