Thursday, March 8, 2012

Father of the Bride

I recall being a little girl, planning my wedding.  I'd use my mom's curtains as my veil and saunter around as far as they'd let me.  I remember hoping I'd be married by the time I was 25 (I ended up married at 21!).  It's a peculiar thing that little girls often do this.  We wonder who we will marry, and what he'll be like.  We think about our dress and our wedding day.  We dream about the man who will one day be our husband.

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about, but I'm wondering who Andrey will marry.  I find myself praying for this man who will love my daughter - hopefully as much as her daddy loves me.  I'm desperate for her future to be a good one.  There is a little boy out there right now (unless she goes cougar on me and marries a younger man) who is being shaped into a man.  What is he like?  What are his parents teaching him?  Will she know how to pick a good one?

As Andrey grows, she will learn more and more about her dad and his character.  She will learn how compassionate and loving he is.  How he loves the Lord and prays over his family, every day.  That he respects women and treats them as his equal.  That he listens well, is slow to speak and can make you pee your pants from laughing.  Her dad spends quality time with her and isn't afraid of dress-up or tea parties. He highly regards education, and is a fantastic teacher.  A poopy diaper doesn't offend him nor does a little drool in his mouth.  He helps around the house, makes dinner and knows how to clean the toilet.  He is her mothers partner in life, best friend and dream come true. 

As she learns these things about her daddy, I hope she starts to pray for her husband too.  I hope she sees what a real man is like, and how valuable it is to find one.

I pray she finds a husband just like her daddy.

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