Monday, March 12, 2012

Projects are Sanity

I'm seriously always in the middle of a project.  It's like a hot cup of coffee for me to be working on a project.  Necessary for survival and sanity.  Here are a few of my updates on things I've done around the house.  Note: I didn't edit these pictures, so some may be dark and ugly.

My paint stick mirror.  Turned out just like I wanted!

Oh yeah, and we painted this wall dark blue .

Copied from someone on Pinterest - land of ideas.

I'm currently working on this ball chandelier.  It will hold a light and hang over my kitchen table.

Coffee filter light fail.  I spent 8 hours making it to perfection...and then it started to fall apart.

Turns out putting hot glue on a light fixture that...gets hot (duh)... is a bad idea.

And that's that.  Thank goodness for a husband who understands my need for crafty time!

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