Thursday, February 2, 2012

Premature Crayons

I've been struggling with what is commonly known as Imsickofallyourtoys syndrome. It can be a serious condition if it's not treated.  So I've been looking for other activities.  We've been working on skills and coordination a lot.  I thought it might be fun to try coloring.  And she was obviously excited too.

I went out and bought a cheap box of Crayola's.   I taped down some paper and got my camera out.

She didn't care.  She just ripped the paper off.

I showed her how to use the crayon.  And she tried it, sideways style.  Nate said she was working on shading.

Then she would tuck her crayon in next to her hip on her seat.  She does this with food too.  She will hide her food behind her buns in her high chair.  I think she is worried about a food shortage, so she's stocking up.

She liked to pull out more crayons, and then hide them.

It was so cute to watch her not know how to color... I guess she's not old enough for this activity.  Back to stacking blocks we go!

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