Friday, February 10, 2012

Powdery White Stuff

We've gotten a lot of snow here.  Not drugs.  They're both powdery and white.  But I prefer the snow to the blow!  Ha!  That's awesome.

You know it's a lot of snow when they close schools and businesses in Colorado.  We love it!  I can't wait until next season when I can take Andrey out in it to play.  But for now she settled for looking out the window, and a few handfuls of the cold stuff.  She she didn't know what to do with.  So she ate it.

The snow covered the deck and Mr. P. had to get out there to shovel a place for the wee little doggie to go potty.  That poor dog.

Andrey was a bit freaked out to see her dad decked in snow gear.  She didn't like his ski goggles.

She did like watching him shovel though.  She was banging and slapping the glass door.  Or maybe she was doing that to warn me.  "Mom, there's a scary man out there stealing our white stuff!"

One last shot of my spooky husband.  He even scared me.

Did you play in the blow snow?

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