Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Alive - It's True!

I'm alive, but it's not pretty friends.  I've been battling a sinus infection for six weeks now.  It provides me with a daily, almost non-stop headache.  Dizziness and visual problems.  And extreme fatigue!  I'm completely pooped.  I'm on my second course of antibiotics, and praying they will solve this madness.  It's really overwhelmed me and put me in a funk.  I feel like my cup was full before this, and them someone threw my full cup in the ocean.  Feel sorry for me yet?  :)

I had my family baby shower on Saturday and it was wonderful!  I felt so blessed to have many people come and celebrate Andrey with me.  Now that I'm done with baby showers I can officially finish purchasing the things I need.  I can finish the nursery, install the car seat, tour PSL, set up the pack-n-play, wash clothes, etc.  It will be wonderful to get all those things done.   

Finally, I have three weeks of work left.  Woo hoo!  I can't wait to be done with work.  I can get a lot of the above done.  I hope to rest, read and prepare to never rest or read again. 

Prayer Requests:  While I have your attention I might as well, right?
  • The cyst goes away!  We go back to the doc to see it 12/16.  We are desperate for a healthy baby girl!
  • My health.  Pray I feel better ASAP!!
  • That I daily put my trust in the Lord.  I feel so much peace when I give my fears and worries to Him. 
  • Transition to one income.  It's a little scary.

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