Thursday, December 16, 2010

Andrey Update

Andrey, Nate and I saw the Perinatologist this morning.  Andrey's cyst is still there, and has grown a bit.  It also changed shape, and is not looking as circular anymore.  At it longest point it measures about 3 cm.  We were pretty bummed to learn this.  After our last appointment (where the cyst got smaller) I was hoping we would come in today and learn it was smaller yet or even gone.  I know the Lord can completely remove this cyst before she is born, but I also know He may not.  It's a battle in my heart to come to a place of acceptance with this.  Our care is officially being changed over to the specialists practice, and we will no longer see our regular OB.  We will also for sure be delivering at P/SL downtown instead of Littleton.  This is to ensure we are at the best hospital for a high risk pregnancy.  It's where the surgeon works.  I don't want to deliver there - and have some random doc I've never met deliver her.  But it's what's best for the babe, and that's my number one priority. 

My heart is heavy.  I am overwhelmed.  

On a positive note, Andrey looks really healthy otherwise.  She is growing well!  According to the ultrasound measurements she weighs 5 lbs 9 oz, which is perfect for her gestational age.  Her heart, kidneys, brain, etc. all look great.  We got to check our her little face in 3D again.  She's got some good cheeks coming in, and big lips!  I just absolutely love this little girl.  She is the best, most terrifying, exhilarating, blessing I could ever imagine. 

My heart is full.  I am overcome with love. 

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  1. You must get internet at home! I am stalking this blog daily to see the same post! I NEED more PUMM!