Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Crazy bird had her babies!  My mom warned me not to get too close.  They might jump.  I'd jump too if I saw me and my make-up free face, greasy hair and wedgie coming.  That's terrifying!

I took these pictures from inside my house.  Therefore they are not as fantastic as they could be.  And you will see, like I mentioned before, my plant is just about dead.  Had it remained alive it would have provided more protection, but alas these babies are enough exposed for a photo shoot.

I took these over the course of about thirty minutes.  I was worried about the absence of crazy mamma.  She must have had a hard time finding a worm to swallow and vomit back up.  If she wouldn't have returned, I would have done it for her. 

I'll do anything for my family...

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