Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wrap it Up or I'll Stop Reading

This is my last Sister Friend and family post.  I promise.   

I went over to ma and pa's one last time to hang with the fam.  SF was so excited to see little A one more time.  Andrey was thrilled.

My sista has perfect skin.  Annoying.

No, that's not sweat on my chest - it's drool.
We headed outside again because that's what you do in Colorado.  It's like a rule here.  Disgustingly hot weather, skin burning sun, half dead grass, and dog poop hidden about the lawn.  A little boys dream.

Well, actually this day was much cooler.  It started to cool off and I begged my momma to start a fire for s'mores.  We took the babies with us, and let them experience some fabulous smoke inhalation.  

Kade watching the fire.
S'mores speak to my heart like a Nicholas Sparks novel.  They move me to tears.

Calen is not a fan of sticky or dirty hands.  After he nursed this puppy for 10 minutes we had to go inside for a thorough cleaning!  I asked him "Do you like s'mores?"  His reply? "Not as much as cupcakes!"

Shelby, always around showing off her gymnastics moves.

A while later I found my mom and dad hangin' with the wee ones.  How big will they be the next time they see each other?  Will they be crawling, walking?  It is amazing to see how life changes over the course of a few years.  We used to get together as a family, sit outside and chat for hours.  Now, someone is chasing someone.  A little boy just pooed his pants.  Grandpa has spit-up all over his sleeve.  It's nap time, bed time, time-out time.  

It's family.  I love this growing family.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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