Friday, August 5, 2011

Sister Friend

I love having a sister.  Don't all girls want one?  Laurie and I are about 5 years apart in age, so we were far from friends growing up.  We never shared the same "stage" in life until we got older.  I followed her around and wanted to be her.  I wanted to sleep in her bed when I was scared.  I wanted to wear her clothes, makeup and listen to her music.  It drove her nuts, I drove her nuts, she drove me nuts.  Nutty huh?

We constantly refer to each other now as "sister friend" because we are both sisters and friends (duh.  I feel like I need to explain everything to you).  We leave the most embarrassing messages on each others machines, usually involving high pitched songs or doggie talk.

Anyway, sister friend (SF) lives in Illinois.  She keeps having babies (boy babies) and so her visits to Colorado are decreasing.  She is here now, and I'm soaking her up (and her boys).

SF had Kade, her third boy, 5 days before I had Andrey.  And get this, he weighs five pounds more than her.  He's a big boy, and she's a little girl!

Andrey and Kade meet for the first time.

Kade wanted to grab Andrey's eyes.  SF had to restrain him.

We went outside after the babies went down for a nap to watch the big boys ride their bikes.

SF's middle child, Calen (almost 3).

Aiden, the oldest (almost 5).
I was warned not to mention to Aiden that he was riding a pink bike.  He is ALL boy and didn't need a reason to desert the bike.  This kid is wild!  He's a road rash waiting to happen.

After nap time we took the wee ones out to splish splash in the mini pool.

Aiden watched as the babies got ready for the water.  Little girls are foreign to him, although they just got a girly kitten named Miss America at home.  She brings the female tally up one.  I digress.  It was his turn driving the awesome John Deere tractor.

You lookin' at me?

Water time!  It was warm and well received.  Hallelujah!

Calen's turn to drive.  These boys are farmers waiting to happen.  Minus the farmers tan of course.

"Do you think you can drive it up that big hill?" "Yes!!!" Total bummer, the little tractor that couldn't.

Cousins meeting cousins was so fantastic!  They did great.  I'm sad they won't see each other often, but when they do we will force a friendship...and pretend it's real.  That's family for ya!

More Sister Friend fun to come!  Bet you can't wait.

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  1. thanks for your kind comment on my blog! sisters are the BEST! i have 3! your kids are adorable!