Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall is Falling

It's absolutely beautiful in Colorado right now.  The trees are red, orange and yellow and their leaves are everywhere.  It looks like a little piece of heaven.  Andrey and I have been out for a lot of walks now that it's not hot, and she loves to step on the leaves and hear them crunch under her feet.  She laughs and runs to find the next one.  Melts. My. Heart.

I took her out for an impromptu photo shoot (it's been too long) to my favorite park.  She had a blast and was such a good model.

Those cheeks get a lot of kisses around here.

You can see her scar in this one.  It's healing perfectly!
Fall, these pictures, that scar.  Reminds me of God's goodness.  I feel so grateful to be a part of this life.

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