Thursday, April 12, 2012


Another Easter come and gone.  This year was markedly different from last year.  Last year we had a baby mound, lying around - smiling and being sweet.  This year we have a walking, gibberish talking, real food eating, egg stealing, personality princess.  It's awesome!

Dying eggs with daddy the night before Easter.

She likes to take his hat off, and put it on her head.
 The difference a year makes is amazing!

Andrey on Easter Sunday 2011.

Andrey on Easter Sunday 2012.
Holy baby growth batman!

 We enjoyed a huge meal with family and friends, and then played in the grass.  She loves to be outside and will stand at the back door, signing "please" while pointing out.  I know, she's a genius.

And so, this Easter is over.  A day we celebrate our main man Jesus and his miraculous resurrection.  A day in which my heart is full.

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