Monday, May 14, 2012


First order of business, apparently I can put pictures on my blog again.  I didn't do anything to change it.  Maybe it's waiting for me to have a bad day, then it won't accept my pictures again.  Who knows?!

Secondly.  Let's look at my pictures!

Andrey has had a lovely obsession with two special bunnies lately.  The brown bunny was mine when I was a baby.  His name is Firsty.  I love Firsty.  He came to college with me and protected me from bad guys in the night.  He thwarts Bella's humping attacks, and has only had to have his ears sewn back on 12 times.  And the white one is unnamed.  It's not my place to name her bunny!

Anyway, she's been carrying them both around.  Rearranging them all over the house.  And she always keeps them together.  It's pinch your cheeks, licked by a puppy adorable.

I love this last one.  She holds a lot of different things behind her back.  It's how she rolls.

And a few more pictures for good measure.  My little girl has a lot of skirts.  It's a problem I have.  I see a skirt, I buy it!

Yum.  That face!  She's total eye candy.

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