Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've reached my limit on pictures for my blog.  I didn't know I had a limit!  I don't know if this is how's it's all supposed to end.  It's abrupt, but only about 5 people read this anyway.

I'm not officially saying it's over...but it just might be.  What's a blog without pictures?

Oh and by the way, this is my 100th post!



  1. There has to be a way around it! I have close to 400 posts and I haven't reached my limit. My friend, Laci, has WAY more than that and tons of pics...I'll see if she knows a secret! You can't stop now, I have to see your sweet girl's face (and yours, of course)!

  2. You can buy more space from google for like $8 or something v cheap. Thats what I did and it worked a treat! As one of the 5 readers I say don't stop!