Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Kitchen Cabinets

It only took me four months of painting during nap time to complete the biggest house project yet.  My kitchen cabinets went from dingy and ugly to clean and pretty.

I love how the white cabinets made the dark floors stand out.

Let's start over.  Here's the 1990's style, dirty "oak" cabinets.  I knew we'd break up the moment we met.

I did the kitchen one section at a time, five in total.  Each time, I'd empty the cabinets on the dining room table.  It was such an inconvenient mess.

Nate helped when he could.  I usually begged him to clean the cabinets.  It was the worst step.  

We set up shop in the basement and that's where I spent my spring and early summer.  I blame those cabinets for the lack of books read.

Section four underway.  We were almost done here!

I almost cried with joy when it was done.  I was as proud as Lance Armstrong after a race.

We added hardware for the extra pop.  It definitely finishes the look!

And now I'm getting ready to paint the walls.  It's been a tough decision picking a color that goes with the attached family room.  After that's done, I'll never paint again.  Toenails?  NO!  I'm done.


  1. I love what you did! I was going to ask... will you help me paint my living room?