Friday, September 23, 2011

I Made That

You know when someone says "where did you get that" with a certain hint of "what the heck is that"?  It seems every time I hear that question, the answer is "I made it".   Then people like it more.  After they know you made it, it looks better than if they heard you bought it.

My name is Lisa and I'm addicted to crafty goodness.  I've been sober 2 days.  I'm getting the shakes from withdrawl.

Here is a small example of my addictive history:

We bought a table and chairs set from Craigslist.  It was in good condition, except for the cushions.

Dirty, ugly - needed some color!

 I used outdoor fabric hoping it would endure many butt cheeks worth of wear and tear.
So much better!
 I'm on a yellow kick.  I bought some new pillows (see them on the couch?) and needed to tie the color into the hallway.  I found a $2.00 black vase from Goodwill - and painted it.
 We have a little loft area at the top of the stairs.  It's become our office area.  I bought three Walmart $30 bookshelves, and made this by pushing them together.  And yes, we attached them to the wall so the rapidly developing little girl doesn't pull them down on herself.

The bookshelves were plain like Jane, so we added trim to make them look like one whole unit.  We're still filling in the nail gun holes.

I started painting this owl before I was pregnant.  It sat untouched in the basement for over a year before I finished it the other day.  Wooooo wooooo!  His face is jacked up, but don't tell him.

And then came Andrey's crafty needs.  One day she said, "ga ga go go... mobile NOW".  So I made her one.  She can be so demanding.

Don't ask me to make one for your child.  It took me hours upon hours to make and I don't like you enough to do it again.

Also in A's room are these tissue puffs.  I love them!  Now these suckers are easy.

And because I'm like every other mom and I sing "you are my sunshine" to my wee little lass, I made this for her.  I found similar ones on Etsy that were going for big buckaroos.  I made this little thing on my computer, printed and put it in a shadow box.  Ta da!

One day when my mom was coming over I told her to bring all of her buttons.  Like a good mom she didn't ask any questions.  We glued them to this, and it's much more fun than the boring store bought letters people use.  I just hope my mom doesn't lose a button and come take one from Andrey's A.

 Finally I painted a mirror for little A's room.  Can you see my chihuahua painting in the back?  I had to have that one, duh.

Today I'm off to buy materials for a hanging lamp I'm making.  I can't wait!


Days sober: 0


  1. I love everything, you are what I wish I was but will never be, in the craft department, not anything else, I am perfect otherwise :)

  2. I just pinned you! You are now a celebrity in pinterest universe!