Monday, October 3, 2011

Finished(ish) Kitchen

More progress has been made in our kitchen.  You'll remember from this post it looked like poo to start.  We really didn't like our kitchen.  Really.  I hated it almost as much as I hate the circus.  But I do hate the circus so much more.  Those poor animals.

Okay, so here's a reminder of what it looked like before.

And here she is now.  Yes, I see the blue painters tape.  No, I didn't when I was taking the picture.  Yes, I'm too lazy to take another.

We have a lovely shade of brown on the walls, as a remembrance to the earlier poo.  We can let go of only so much.

My favorite new addition is this table, chairs and rug.  Hello you beautiful rug you.  Call me.  

The table and chairs are from Ikea.  I decided not to buy matchy matchy stuff.  It's not my style.  And because the space is so small, I opted for clear chairs.  Aren't they cool?

This rug is my flair.  I need 37 pieces of flair (name that movie).  Where this rug goes, I will follow.  Kind of like Jesus, only not really.  I like Jesus more than this rug.

I feel like those windows need something... and there's no light hanging over the table.  And that countertop to the right of the fridge is cluttered.  And I need a cushy foot mat thing in front of the sink.  This is why my kitchen isn't finished.  I'm wondering if it ever will be.

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  1. Office Space. What do I win?

    Love it looks great!