Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Out of the City

Colorado is the most beautiful state.  I take it for granted.  The weather is awesome, everyone is active and Buffalo Bill was buried here.  What?  You don't care about BB?  Did you know the cheeseburger was invented in Denver?  And that Colfax Avenue is the longest street in America?  We also host the worlds largest Rodeo, the Western Stock show.  I advise against it.  Last time I went I made my entire family leave.  I don't like mutton busting. 

Like I was saying, Colorado is beautiful.  I volunteer with high school girls, and decided to get them out to see God's creation.  We went to Mount Falcon Park, where there were no falcons to be found.

When I was younger my parents took us kids into the mountains a lot.  On the drive there my dad always pulled over, made us get out, and marvel at God's beautiful creation.  He'd say, "look at those mountains and the beautiful sky" and we'd roll our eyes and ask to get back on the road.

I think admiration for nature and it's beauty comes with age.  We aren't capable of soaking in creation when we are focused on trivial things.  Our city lives can be such a distraction.

But getting away is just what we need to be reminded of the simple things.  Our walk was fun.  We took the girls to an old mansion that burned down after a lightening strike.  They loved exploring.

 I find that stepping away from life, breathing fresh air and being around 15 year old girls can be just what I need.  They are full of life.  Which is exhausting refreshing.

There's an interesting contrast being in a peaceful place with wound up teenagers.  Several times while walking on the path to the ruins, they would get quiet (shocking, right?).  All we could hear were our footsteps.  And I'd see them looking around...just for a moment.

Even 15 year old girls can appreciate a blue sky, and pine needles under their feet.  They can feel the sun on their face and acknowledge this life is a gift.

Then they come to - and start running backwards, jumping off rocks and talking in their best Russian accents.

A peaceful place can still be peaceful with noise and chaos.  All you have to do is look around.

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