Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lessons from the Patch

I've been excited for a year to take Andrey to the pumpkin patch.  Now that I'm a mom, everything seems to be about creating memories and making every day count.  Sunday at the pumpkin patch was no different.  When the trip was over we got in the car and talked about how much we learned in that short hour. 

 It was a beautiful day, and not cold.  Nate is wearing a hat because his hair looked like...he needed to wear a hat.  This is not a lesson, it's just a fact.

But lesson one came in almost immediately and it was this:

1. Even though it's fall, and 4:00pm, the sun is still out and the baby needs a hat.  We were constantly shading her head and face with our hands.  My bad.

Lesson two was quick to follow.

2.  We have to take turns walking though the patch.  Someone needs to stay with the stroller and take pictures.  This was not how I envisioned the day, but it was peaceful and quiet and I soaked in the memory like a sponge.

Andrey loved slapping the pumpkins.  She was rubbing her hands all over them and grunting in delight.

 Uh-oh.  I sense a lesson coming on...

 Lesson three was a slow lesson.  We may still be young, but we aren't always quick.

3.  When you put a baby on the ground, they will find dirt and eat it.

She was drooling brown for a few minutes before she spit out a large chunk of dirt she'd been sucking on.  It was precious.

Finally, we learned one more notable thing.

4.  The view from daddy's shoulders is always better and more fun.  So note to self: when the baby starts getting ticked, let her pull dad's hair and drool down his face and all will be well.

Next year she will be running around this place.

And she will be wearing a hat.

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