Monday, June 4, 2012

Backyard Bane

Whose idea was it to buy this house?  This house with endless projects.  Did we forget to look in the backyard before we bought it?  Apparently, we did.

The problem with our neck of the woods, is itty bitty backyards.  They're as common here as humidity is in the rainforest.  And we (the hubs, dog and I) don't like tiny backyards.  But more than our dislike for small yards, is crappy yards.  And crappy, we can fix!  And by we, I mean the guys we hired to do most of the work.

Let's have a gander at what we're working with here.  The previous homeowners built their own, massive Titanic deck.  

We have ugly trees, and slopped lawn on one side.

And rocks and bushes on the other side.

Here's Titanic in all her glory.  Yes, there's a nasty hot tub back there.   And no, we didn't use it.

One day after the rescue team came in and the yard looked like this.  They cut down that huge tree.  We were sad about it until the main man told us it was rotting and slanting - getting ready to fall on top of a poor bunny I'm sure.  See Mr. Pumm out there?  He took to the hot tub concrete himself (and so did my dad).  It was a good way for him to relieve any aggression he was holding in.

And here we are today.  There were three dudes out there all day.  It was 90+ degrees.  They were hot.

It took over an hour for them to get to the root of this bad mamma jamma.  She was a beast!

And that's where we leave it folks.  The rubble and dirt.

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