Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monkey on my Back

This is my blog.  So I can say what I think, right?  I can't tell you have many times I've written something, raw and unfiltered, and never posted it.  I get nervous about making people mad.  But, this isn't for you.  It's for me.  And as selfish as that may be, it's cathartic.  I'll wince when I post this, but I'll feel better too.  It's not directed at anyone in particular, it's just direct.

I've been bothered by people lately.  People who make indirect comments that are little jabs.  Jabs that make me crazy.  I don't know if they know they're doing it...but I think they do.  It revolves around parenting.  And I'm not going to apologize for how I raise my kids.  I like my way.

I won't apologize for staying close to my kid when the other mom's let them wander.  Or for cutting her grapes into quarters, and then quartering them again.  Or for washing her hands before she eats (I mean, really?!).  Or putting sunscreen on again.  I won't apologize for sticking to the routine I worked so hard to establish.  Or for telling her "no".  This is what works for me.

I hear the undertone of friends implying that I'm overprotective.  And I keep it to myself that I think they can be lazy and careless.  (well, until I wrote that I kept it to myself)

So for all you "carefree" mom's who constantly talk about how flexible and relaxed you are - I'm glad you're so proud of yourself.  But I'm proud of myself too.  And I like what I've got going here.

Back off.

...and have a nice day! :)

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