Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ho Ho No?

Santa isn't real!  There, I said it.

Saint Nicholas, however,  is real and he's who we based Santa Claus on. He was a man who received a large sum of money from his parents and distributed it to the poor.  Saint Nick was know for his kindness and often anonymous generosity, and children began to hope they'd receive gifts from him.  He died in December and people celebrated his benevolence each year, until it became a traditional part of Christmas.

That's nice isn't it?

I wonder though, should I teach my kids the truth?  Or should I go along with the "lie"?  Am I, the trusted parent, supposed to tell my kids an old man goes around the whole world delivering gifts, in ONE NIGHT?  WTFrack.  And when my sweet little one asks why he doesn't deliver gifts to the starving kids, do I say, "because they don't have a fireplace, honey"?  I know there is joy and anticipation, excitement and wonder around the myth of Santa for kids.  But what's lost because of it?  Can I teach my kids the truth about Christmas, all the while urging them to believe the fanciful life of Santa?  I'm beginning to think I can't.

I knew some kids whose parents told them the truth about Santa from the get-go and let's be honest, they were weird kids.  I don't want weird kids.  I do, however, want kids who can enjoy the snowmen, stories about elves, stockings hung by the fireplace - and know those things are secondary to Christ.

Christmas is about Christ, no matter what the media tells you.  It's a Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Shouldn't I use it as an opportunity to teach my kids about all He has already given them?

What will you do?  Ho Ho Ho - or - Ho Ho No?

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  1. The kids know who Santa is. They have seen him in movies and all over the place but we don't make a big deal about him. We don't threaten them that he won't come if they aren't good. No elf at our house. They will get one gift each from him and, even then, we don't make a big deal. Ethan will tell you that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas and that is what we spend more time talking about. I think there is a healthy medium. I didn't want Ethan marching into school and telling all the kids that Santa doesn't exist so I have just not made a huge deal about him at all. We'll see how it goes as they get older.