Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm not feeling wordy right now.  So I'll keep the words to a minimum.  Nate would like it if I did that when he got home from work, but it will never happen.

Some recent pictures of my favorite little girl.

Emptying the contents of her toy basket.

Her new goofy face.  She does this a lot and giggles!

Standing is a definite favorite thing.

She's holding my lens cap in all of these.


Daddy's slipper is just a little too big.

But it sure does taste nice.

Waiting for dad to bring in the Christmas tree (thanks Audrey)!

The tree is "no touch" - and she listens very well!  Seriously.  She's great!

Trying to reach the Christmas animals.

I love the ear flaps on this hat.  Adorable!!
That's all for now!

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