Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed

It wasn't her first Christmas...but it was.  Last year, she was one week old on Christmas day.  We had just brought her home on the 23rd, and were completely exhausted.  More exhausted than a pregnant woman competing in an Iron Man without any limbs exhausted.  Last year we grabbed our infant, sat down by the tree for ten minutes.  We didn't talk.  The we got back in bed.  No gifts, no meals, no sucking a candy cane until it's a weapon.  It kinda sucked.

This year was much better!  We we able to fully celebrate Jesus' birthday!

On Christmas Eve Nate's parents came over and lavished a few gifty's on our girl.  She didn't care, but I did!

 My favorite gift was her Raggedy Ann doll.  I desperately tried to get her to hug the doll, but all she wanted to do was pull her hair and lick her face.  I understand that R.A. is lick-able honey, but maybe she just wants a hug.

That evening we went to one of many Christmas Eve services at church.  And so did thousands of other people.  There were no seats left and we had to sit in "overflow".  I was a bit bummed because they had some awesome music and I only got to see it on TV in the classroom we were in.  But I got over it, chatted with my friend we sat with, and listened to the message.  It was a good one too!

Christmas Eve dress.  She's being goofy here.

Christmas Day came quickly.  Our little one did a great job looking cute and eating wrapping paper.

I didn't let her touch any gifts under the tree until that morning.  She was confused by this.  Why did you tell me "no" yesterday and today it's okay.  I'm just making sure she's listening!

She tasted all gifts before opening them.  She must have inherited this trait from my dad.  He still licks and smells everything before opening.  I like that about him.  I wrapped most of hers in tissue paper so she could open them on her own.  

After opening gifts at home we went to my parents house where the camera didn't come out once.  Andrey was doted upon all day long (my mom always volunteers to change poopy diapers, bless her heart).  We ate fantastic meals, played games, walked in the beautiful snow, and lounged around like a bunch of hibernating woodchucks.  Did you know woodchucks and groundhogs are the same thing?

It was the most low key Christmas I'd had in years.  It was snowy and peaceful.  And I got to enjoy it with the ones I love most.

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