Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Girl's First Birthday

I started mentally and physically preparing for this day months ago.  My dining room table was covered in crafts and hot glue.  My mind was racing with ideas.  I was so excited for my little girl to turn one.  And I was sad too.  She's a toddler now.  Technically.  But she's still a baby.  

My baby.

The outfit was a big deal for me.  It needed to be just right.  I made her a tutu, ironed on a "1" to her shirt, found polka dotted leg warmers, pink shoes, and a shiny silver bow for her head!  It was awesome if I do say so myself.

You'll see my poor photography decision in the next few shots.  A large vase full of flowers was behind her head.  She looks like she's wearing a girly version of Julius Caesar's crown.

We hardly got any pictures of the three of us.  We had around 50 people show up (including kids) so it was madness!

I loved to see her crawling around in the tutu.  Cutest little buns ever!

We sang happy birthday, blew out a candle and handed her a pumpkin spice cupcake.

She went for it.  No fear of textures or messes here.

As she ate a little, and played a lot, she deposited frosting on Nate's sleeve and the plant.

"What is this stuff?"

After people left, we opened gifts and lit her birthday candle.  We will burn it every year on her birthday (well, until she's 18...).

Andrey was a trooper all day. No tears, no fuss, lots of hands on her.  She ended the night by playing with her wrapping paper and bags, and her new purse!  We are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate our little girl with us!

Now that year one is done, I can look back and see how much we've been through.  And I can say it's all been worth it.  She is everything I hoped for and more.  She's silly, curious, feisty, cuddly, smart (I can say that now can't I?), beautiful and my dream come true.  I look forward to many more birthday celebrations with my little girl.

Happy birthday, Andrey Grace!

I love you!

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