Thursday, July 5, 2012

Around These Here Parts

It's been hot around here.  

Our poor dog can spend about 3 solid minutes outside before she's ready for the air conditioning.

Andrey and I haven't been out to play for a few days.

She's getting pretty sick of playing inside.

So, I decided we could go out and play on the shaded porch.

Seven minutes later she was crawling back inside.

In other news, we're making progress on our backyard.  We now have our patio in!  Notice the dog, in the shade.

And our ground has been leveled and prepared for sod.  And Nate slowly built a lovely retaining wall.  He told me to leave him alone while he worked on it.  Apparently I'm not a helpful audience.

And as with all projects, we learned we have another unplanned for cost.  We will now have to repaint the house.  It's been destroyed by the deck paint.  Yay.

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