Thursday, July 12, 2012

Click Click - The Cell Phone Pics

The last few weeks have been busy.

We went to a new restaurant in our hood, and paid an arm and a leg for mediocre pizza.  Andrey loved the free water.

My pregnant sister, her hubs and their three boys came to town.  We spent the 4th of July together.  Much of that time her youngest was undressed.  I love his tummy!  It was very hot outside (see the carpet on my parent's deck?) so they swam and swam the day away.

We missed the family trip to Glenwood Springs.  We decided it would be more fun for little Pumm to get sick.  No, it wasn't more fun.  See her hygroma in this picture?  It was swollen and yucky.  And she felt awful.

Once her temp reached 104.6 I burst into panicked tears and screamed at Nate calmly asked Nate to call the Pediatrician who sent us to the hospital.  Andrey did great listening to the British nurse and watching some TV in her hospital room.

She loved being held all day by her daddy.  And he was in heaven holding her.  They snuggled in our bed, and Nate thoroughly enjoyed all the attention he got to give her.  It was pretty sweet!

She didn't feel great a few days later, but was able to rally for a BBQ that night.  See those tired eyes?  Sucky.

We saw my sister and her fam once more (and I took some fun family pics!).  Kade kindly offered her a doll.  She took it, and hit him over the head with it.  We're working on being nice.

 Part of being nice, is hugging.  Right?  So we forced them to hug.  And they did.

The next day she was starting to get back to normal.  But we had a lot of diaper changes, ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.  So she spent most of the day in a t-shirt and diaper.  We built a fort and she absolutely loved it!

Finally, I've painted her toenails!  I've been so excited to do this.  My little girl sat perfectly still and let me slowly paint.  After they were done, she said "woah mommy" while pointing at them.  I love this girl!

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