Monday, July 2, 2012

Missing the Important

Sometimes, when I read something really wonderful, I promise myself it will change me.  Or when I see something that adds new perspective, I just hope I'll never be the same.  It's the things that make you stop, in your tracks, and think you've been going about life wrong that I let slip away.  Why do I do that?  I can remember a rude comment from a year ago, but not the important lesson I need most.  Where are those life lessons going?  Why can't I keep them fresh in my mind?

This.  This lesson losing issue.  Has got to stop.

Will I ever be the person I'm called to be if I watch my potential fall through the cracks?  How do I expect to gain character if I can't remember to breathe and listen and shut my trap?  If I can't remember what I'm dying to remember?

Change is on the way for me.  Purposeful, intentional and spiritual change.  The kind that ought to be noticed and yet leave me filled with humility.  Am I capable of it?  Can I read a sentence, verse or book that begs me to be different and actually be different?  Yes.

The desire to be better is part of actually being better, in my opinion.  I want so badly to grow and learn and be quiet and calm.  And I think just wanting it so desperately is my first step.  Knowing that I can't remember that wonderful thing I was supposed to remember, makes me want to pay closer attention.

And if I'm paying closer attention, I'll remember.

I can do this.  This life thing.  I can and will get better.

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  1. Lisa - this is such an excellent post and quite timely for me. I think we can both encourage each other to strive for betterment. Keep these thoughts coming! I love it!