Friday, July 27, 2012

Take Me to the Circus

The circus came to town!  Not the elephants and acrobats circus.  The break a beer bottle and win a goldfish circus.  We were stoked!  (By the way, you'll never see me going to a real circus...I hate seeing the animals living that way - and since I'm not supposed to scream profanities at people, it's best I don't go.)

Little miss blue eyes was so excited to go down the road to enjoy the festivities.

Cue the creepy circus music.

We had $5 with us, and that meant we couldn't do much.  We wandered in circles until Nate finally played (and lost) a game.

Andrey was blissfully happy.  She was staring at everything and in obvious awe.  It was so fun to watch her watch.

She wanted to play a few games, and was trying to steal stuffed animals.

She spent a good portion of the time on her dad's shoulders.  She pulled out wads of his hair and drooled all over him.

Maybe when she's older, and we have $10 in our pockets, we'll give the circus another try.

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