Monday, June 20, 2011

Halfway to One

I'm so shocked it's already been six months.  And yet, sometimes I think - It's only been six months?  But alas, my girl is halfway to one.  

Andrey is an integral part of our family.  She is a permanent fixture of my day.  An easy smile to wake up to each morning.  She is a happy, easy going girl.  She has made me a mommy.  

She is alert and aware of everything around her - listening to me sing, whistle, hum.  She smiles at me when I return to her after only a moment gone.  Her doggie takes all her attention.  Her daddy makes her giggle.  

After six short and long months she is the love of my life.  A reason to be better, stronger, wiser and weirder.  She has aided in the much needed growth of my patience, the ache of my cheekbones, the use of my washing machine.   

This girl is a true gift from God.  I thank Him for her every day.  I pray to be a great parent.  I pray for her safety, health, future friends and husband, integrity, sense of humor, kindness, education and more.  

Andrey Grace, you have made me the most proud and thankful mommy.  I love you!

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