Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ode to My Daddy

I had high expectations for my children's father because I have a wonderful dad myself.  I needed a kind, funny, smart, sensitive, compassionate, Christian man who could fix anything around the house.  I found one in Nate.  Nate is a wonderful father, just like my dad.  But we'll get to Nate another day...
Dad playing with Mac's photo distortions. Haha!!

I remember waiting at the front door as a kid, desperate to get the first hug from dad when he got home from work.  He'd scoop me up and tell me how much he missed me that day.  He played with all of us, down on the floor, letting us jump on his back and kick him in his kidneys.  My dad was the kind of dad that played with other kids, because maybe they didn't have a daddy.  He was always swarmed with strangers at the neighborhood pool.  Climbing all over him, asking him to throw them (I loved being tossed in the water!).  He was and still is a great playmate!

Playing with grandson Ethan.
My dad is tender hearted.  After sticking his foot in his mouth (which he still does, don't deny it dad) he always sought out an apology, teaching us that we are accountable for our actions.  He made up moral stories about Wootsie-Poo and Pootsie-Poo (fictional characters he invented), teaching us life lessons about sharing, money, kindness and more.  He's known for his clever quips like "spend a little, save a little, give a little".  And when in a crowded room he will lean over and whisper "I looked around this whole room and you know what?  You're the prettiest girl in here."

Strange picture I know.  He's holding a flashlight while my mom files A's nails.

My dad taught us about God.  His love for the Lord was always apparent though his prayers and dedication to reading his Bible.  He encouraged our own faith without demanding it.  Each time we went into the mountains he would pull aside on the road, have us all get out and look at what God created (and as young kids we didn't get what was so great about some boring mountains).  My dad sees God's creation as a chance to worship.

When I was pregnant and we learned Andrey wasn't healthy, my dad prayed and prayed hard.  He cried with us, and begged God for a healthy girl.  For a miracle.  He and I spoke many times during that trial about how we had a new relationship with God because of my daughter.  He loved her so much before she was even born.

With Andrey at NICU Zoo reunion.

My dad is an amazing father and daddy.  He is such a gift to me and my family.  I love you dad.

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