Sunday, June 26, 2011

Watch Out Michael Phelps

Water is my friend.  We're like Woody and Buzz.  I like to drink it, yes, but I love to swim.  So far, the same is not true for my daughter.  Andrey is such a happy bath taker I just assumed she would love the pool.  I was wrong.  She will have many years to make up for a terrible first experience with the pool.  And when she finally understands how much fun it is...good old Mikey Phelps will have to watch out!

Love the look on her face here.

Hat change - getting ready to try the water.

I sat right down in 2 inches of water and barely touched her toes in...

...and she was ticked!

Taking a break under the tree.
I'm not giving up.  We will be back pool.  Oh yes, we will be back!


  1. Three things...1) She is so dang cute 2) Are you sure you gave birth to that baby? Your arms are buff and your stomach is flat 3) Yay for breast-feeding! Hello ta-tas! xoxo

  2. Looks like you need to give up your IBTC membership sista and join a new club! Meow!
    The rec center pools were always a bit chilly for the boys taste, they prefer a heated environment around 80'F, maybe Andrey is cut from the same cloth.